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Live Honey Bee & Comb Removal

Here at Hive Removal we love doing non-lethal, live honey bee and comb removals from structures, relocating them and then watching them thrive in local beekeeper's hives.

We work closely with our fellow beekeepers, whether it’s relocating honeybee colonies into their hives or notifying them of illegally treated nests so they can take precautions. As beekeepers ourselves we understand the biology of honeybees - this is important.

Non-Lethal Bee Removal

Moving swarms on bushes and trees is a pretty common activity during swarming season in summer months for beekeepers both experienced and inexperienced, and for enthusiasts like us. When the swarm colonises a cavity in a structure and they need to be removed for safety. For nuisance, structural damage or work prevention reasons, removal of these highly beneficial insects is not an easy job - even for experienced beekeepers, let alone the inexperienced and uninsured to attempt.

It’s not just the honeybees that can be a great risk when removing them - it’s also the building fabric that can be dangerous. For example, asbestos, wiring cables, not to mention working at heights are some of the obvious risks involved with this.

Here at Bee Hive we carry out a full site survey and risk assessment before anything is done. We then document everything and then send you a proposal for work to be done. Once we have removed the honeybees we then proof the structure to prevent other honeybees getting back in. Guaranteed.

Benefits of Non-Lethal Removal:

  • Saving honeybees and helping our environment
  • Preventing illegal insecticide contamination
  • Safe bee extraction on your site, you’ll know you’re in good hands
  • Wherever they are we can reach them and get them out, even if you’ve been told they cannot be moved!